Holiday Sobriety Tips Tips to Maintain Sobriety during the Holiday Season

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In The Temper’s The Ultimate Guide to Get Through the Holidays Sober, we’re here to help you during this oh-so-confusing time of year. When you find yourself looking to Norman Rockwell’s image of the American family holiday, remember that even Rockwell didn’t match the scene. Instead, take an honest look at what you value most for your family’s season. If it’s time together, then make that the priority. If it’s relaxation and baking, make this the focus. Maybe this is the year for some new holiday traditions.

My first year sober: Why I did it and what I've learned - WBEZ Chicago

My first year sober: Why I did it and what I've learned.

Posted: Wed, 29 Jun 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

As fun and joyous as the holidays can be, they often commence a challenging time for early in their recovery journey. The holiday season is meant to be a joyous occasion that brings family and friends together. But even in the midst of all the excitement, there are often moments of stress and anxiety. If you are recovering from alcohol addiction, this broad spectrum of holiday emotions can challenge even your best intentions for recovery. Remember, the holidays aren’t a good excuse to drink — they’re an excuse to spend quality time with loved ones and spread holiday cheer to others. If you’re attendingholiday partieswhere alcohol is present, you’ll likely be offered a drink or be asked why you aren’t drinking. These situations can be stressful, but there are a few simple ways to handle them depending on how comfortable you are talking about your sobriety.

The Intoxicating Nature of Holiday Celebrations

They too, are trying to stay sober and can relate to and support you. Having this lined up ahead of time will help to ease anxiety about the event. Tell your friend ahead of time that you may be calling them so they can be available, and have a backup if possible.

  • You might be met with some concern or confusion at first, but remember that you don’t have to justify your sobriety to anyone.
  • It isn’t about having the money to give the most expensive gifts.
  • Internal triggers are the random thoughts that pop into your mind, making you think that it might be a good time for a drink.
  • While most often a merry time, many people still experience stress during the holidays.
  • If things become uncomfortable, or you feel your sobriety is in jeopardy, an escape plan might be necessary.
  • These trends of heavy intoxication were also true for other holidays such as Halloween and St. Patrick’s day.

If you are connected to a recovery support group, take time to attend some extra meetings during the holidays to help stay on track. Seek out friends or family members that you feel safe and comfortable with. For help finding a support group, reach out to the team at Turning Point of Tampa. Low blood sugar can leave you irritable or anxious. This may result in you feeling tempted and impulsive by substances like drugs and alcohol.

A Complete Guide on How to Stay Sober During the Holidays

Decide in advance what you are going to say if someone offers you a drink. A polite, clear “No, thank you” most often does the trick, but you may encounter pushy and prodding people as well. Have a plan for dealing with them, whether it be saying, “I don’t drink for health reasons” or just simply walking away. Is a force of healing and hope for individuals, families and communities affected by addiction to alcohol and other drugs. Through charitable support and a commitment to innovation, the Foundation is able to continually enhance care, research, programs and services, and help more people. Sometimes, the hardest thing about sober celebrations is feeling like you’re alone. It can be difficult to spend time with family or friends when you can’t celebrate in the same ways, so it’s important to take the time to find people you can support.

  • Even if it’s for a couple of minutes, no matter how busy you are.
  • Maybe you find yourself binging on Internet browsing or simply ignoring phone calls from family members.
  • If the situation is obligatory and you are expected to show up, such as to a work event, try to bring a sober or healthy friend with you for support.
  • If you are uncomfortable at a party, be sure that you always have your own way home.

When you’re new to sobriety, the holidays can be a real test of your sobriety. At Turning Point of Tampa are committed to providing high quality, 12-Step based substance use disorder and eating disorder programs that are affordable and effective.

Hatch a holiday escape plan, and plan to protect your sobriety

These spiritual opportunities allow us to spread happiness and cheer to others. Treat it as one of sober holidays the benefits of staying clean and sober; being able to have a clear mind and body to help others.

staying sober over the holidays

The holiday season presents many pitfalls for people trying to maintain their sobriety, especially people in early recovery. It can be challenging dealing with complicated family dynamics or coping with loneliness during the holidays, while at the same time trying to stay sober. In addition, many holiday events involve the use of alcohol or drugs, which can be triggering for people in recovery. So, this list offers some helpful tips for staying sober during the holiday season. No matter which holidays you celebrate this time of year, there’s no doubt that most will have some sort of liquor present.

Avoid Relapse Situations

It might seem counterintuitive, but the holiday season is an ideal time to seek treatment. When all else fails, remember why you started this journey.

This can lead you to make impulsive choices and you can become tempted to use substance as a means to deal with your stress. Be sure to eat something nutritious every few hours. Before the event, you should have a few “set responses” to decline offers of food or drink that are dangers to your sobriety. During the holidays, relapsing addicts can also find a special kind of support during Alcathons.

You deserve the gift of sobriety this holiday and we’re here to help. Nurture your connection with your higher power this season. If you have a big family and many to buy for, consider suggesting doing a pollyanna or white elephant this year. With a pollyanna, you pick names from a hat, and then each person is buying just one gift. Putting a price limit on the gift is a good idea too. For a white elephant gift, each person in attendance brings a wrapped gift with them. Next, the first person randomly picks a gift and so on until all gifts are chosen.

staying sober over the holidays
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